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1. Cost – Even when simply comparing individual products we are among the lowest. Add the overall value of a specially crafted program and savings are significant.
2. Reputation – Award winning, nationally recognized service and support drives our consistent 98% customer satisfaction rating.

3. Trusted Advisor – Every customer needs a lifeline at some point. Tough questions. Problems. Legal issues. You will need a resource for quick dependable reference. We are that trusted advisor and we have been earning customer’s trust every day for over 20 years.

4. Delivery – Any firm can return search results quickly, but returning information resulting from industry leading, high integrity methodologies, information that has been thoroughly vetted, and information that is more accurate is our difference.

5. CS Personnel – Most knowledgeable and courteous staff in the industry. It is reason to boast and we are proud to

6. Best Practices - Best practices are built on more than 20 years of experience with companies of all sizes around the world.

7. Technology – Proprietary, secure, on demand service is built on the most advanced internet technologies.

8. Total Solution – HR is not the only department we serve and background screening is not a product, it is a process. Total solution means total company care and this results in full compliance, efficiency, minimized risk and cost savings.

9. Passion – Rooted firmly in our desire to do what is right for employers and to furnish more than the tired industry standard.

10. Innovation – Corporate Screening pioneered web delivery for screening, hybrid record searches, and student and vendor screening technology as well as client-specific customized solutions

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